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Listen to these sweet and encouraging words of Rebbe Nachman!

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

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Great message, very inspiring

Wow wow wow just incredible fire. I could feel myself getting so inspired from that video. The last video from R Yaakov Klein was also incredible! Please can you get these more often


Awesome. Thank you

Great Chizuk!

Very very powerful thank you!

First the mode Ani one blew me away and changed my whole life in the way I wake up every morning and now this,that every little step is huge, every trigger I decline is millions of points added to our connection with hashem (same for achar), Every trigger declined, every attack that's rejected, every minute that goes by, every moment I control myself, every sober day, even though it seems like nothing, Rav Yaakov quotes Rav Nachman who says explicitly it's huge. What a great chizuk to move forward, and to go from strength to strength every time there's an opportunity and detail that could be worked on this inspires us to say YES, bc in the eyes of Hashem it's huge and it brings us so much closer to him. #paradigmshift #chizzuk4life Mamesh beutifull

Everyone needs to realize that our efforts are paying off. Nothing goes to waste


Please! More R’ Yaakov Klein boosts! Most inspiring boost for me so far. He is speaking to me!!! thank you so much!!!

Incredibly power for me

Great message! I like the analogy, but have to keep building on small steps to make larger ones!


Gevaldike chizuq! Thank you GYE team for strengthening all of us!

Reading today’s chizuk portion of the broadcast on “Vanquishing improper thoughts” made me realize that I should have sent something like this in a while ago but here it it nevertheless. The chizuk was talking about how to remove improper thoughts and so what I’ve been trying to do every night before going to sleep, is a) thank Hashem for helping me keep out evil, inappropriate, lustful, materialistic, and impure thoughts out of my head b) ask Hashem to continue to help me keep these thoughts out and c) to ask Hashem to help me only have clean, pure, holy, kodesh, and Tahor thoughts. Just wanted to share some potentially helpful advice with the GYE community and try to overcome the very hard task of removing improper thoughts together. Shkoyach!