Rav Shalom Shvadron and the game of Soccer

What makes sports so interesting to millions of people around the world?

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I love this!

Makes so much sense for Gevurah to be about Equanimity

Thank you 🙏 And thank you for the constant chizuk that this gives in such a difficult environment!

Wow that’s great the מהר״ל actually says that the word גבר (man) actually comes from the word גבורה


I never respond to these bu That was genuinely unreal. Wow!

Big fan!

Its always a pleasure to hear so clear messages straight from our gedolim. Really thanks for the holy work

👍🏻I was zoche to hear dynamic Rav Shvadron zt"l speak in Yerushalayim several times in1973-74.


He’s my rebbe!! We need to hear more of him

Wowww I love it!! That’s my rabbi!! He’s the best!!

Excellent! Thanks so much!

Woow that was amazing I did not expect that thxs u and btw that's my rav

Super Super Super Powerful!!!

Beautiful that’s my rabbi

Truly amazing words

I really needed that today

Great story. The Gedolim always have a way to simplify things and make us think twice about ourselves and our actions in a way that makes us laugh at our shallowness.

Wow! That just gave me so much clarity!! Love this Rabbi!

Really nice , thanks so much