How can man--made only of flesh, conquer the Yetzer Hara who is an angel of fire?

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Powerfull words💪

Brilliant! Please can you get more of him!!!

Great Chizik today!

That was amazing and very inspiring

This is an amazing boost and actually answers a question many have!

Fantastic! Need more from Rabbi Berman!

Loved the new speaker!

Wow so inspiring

Such a powerful message

Amazing! Great chizuk, great speaker

Wow! Rabbi Berman is awesome! Such a powerful story. We all need to remember that even the most learned person can struggle

Love his energy!!!

Really good speaker.want some more from him Thanks for the unbelievable chizek

Amazing speaker and great to hear this chizuk again very powerful well said thank you again GYE


Wow. I’m amazed. I literally just heard this same story for the first time this past shabbos (what hashgacha!) It’s such a great point. Also, When people don’t fully appreciate the power of the yetzer hara they buckle so much quicker.

Love this.🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

This is amazing!!!