If we slip and look at things we shouldn't, aren't we hypocrites?

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Life changing! What an amazing peshat! I've read that posuk my entire life without noticing that nuance! Thank you so much; you made my day. Hatzlachah!

I never respond, I always appreciate listening, but this one was literally phenomenal. Such practical real chizuk and clear cut proof that hashem loves us and that we shudnt feel down or that we’re hypocritical. Thank u!! AshReichem!!

Rabbi Feigenbaum is the best! Powerful insight!

This is beautiful. Thank you so much for everything you do for me and for the whole community. Without you the world would be a different place. Keep on inspiring!!!

Thats great and positive.. thanks !!



Wow!! Mindblowing perspective on the Passuk! Will definitely think of that when I read that every day!!

I'm really into grammar and dikduk, but how many times have I said that pasuq and not noticed the future tense! Gevaldik pshat! Yasher koach to R' Feigenbaum!

That boost from Rabbi feigenbaum was awesome!!

This brings so much hope and validation!