What did the girl ask the Rabbi?

What did the girl ask the Rabbi?

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Appreciate all your efforts! You have saved me from so much sin and in turn have increased my holiness to unimaginable heights!!!



Wow! I’ve been struggling lately without working towards a solution and believe it or not, I was the one who forwarded this video to you months ago. Seeing it gave me the chizuk from Rabbi Goldwasser’s message and from the fact that I shared something meaningful that will hopefully help others. Thank you!

תודה רבה על הסרטון שלך, למדתי מהסרטון שלך והפכתי ליותר ויותר צדיק, תודה

Thank you GYE for the lovely boosts of chizuk.

I got chills! thank you!

Wow! So inspiring!