Salvation in the Blink of an Eye

Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser
Popular Speaker, Educator and Author

A true story about the power of shmiras einayim.

User Comments:

Wow that is a story of Emuna


Very strong powerful reminder! It shows how good shmirat ejnaim can be for us!

Wow! this story shows that there are ramifications of passing such a test and it is a reality. Very inspiring!

Beautiful and emotional story! Rav Goldwasser is truly a great tzaddik in our midst! His words has a huge effect on yidden. I hope you can continue putting clips from Rav Goldwasser.

Amazing. Our natural tendencies are to take a 2nd look but if we overcome it we don't know the levels we rise up too. Hashem rewards those who stand with him.

This is a difficult act to accomplish during that time when Hashem tests a person in Shmiras Einayim but if one can train themselves to be in the right state of mind when an improper sight passes their view and pour their heart out to Hashem in tefilah it can move mountains!!