What was the root of Haman's evil, and ultimately the very _cause_ of his downfall?

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Amen! Nice to finally "meet" you and see the face behind the voice! אשריך

"Belatedly, I watched Yaakov Nadel’s drash on Purim Katan. Wonderful! I love (and need) the encouragement that “Hashem is there too, in the darkness.” I felt the compassion of that statement. Right now, my house is in chaos. I’m not acting out in my addiction - todah laShem - but have also not been able/willing to confront this darkness in my life - a disordered, cluttered home. (So many decisions! For real!) To know that Hashem is WITH me, even in my falling short, can give me the chizuk to make s start, iy”H. Thank you for a kind message. I pray for willingness."