If we'd internalize that looking at things we shouldn't is like poison for our Neshamot, would we struggle as much?

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Wow! This is beautiful! Rav Palacci is a very unique! Everything that comes out of his mouth is true and Emes!!!! Emes prevails!!! Thank you rav Hatzaddik Palacci for giving us the taste of how to be a truthful and realistic Yid !!!!! Kol Hakavod! You are truly amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! Very powerful message.

"When I first saw this i was skeptical, and maybe others will be as well, and I’d like to try to refute the possible critics: One could claim that this is a faulty comparison since sin does not have immediate effect, whilst poison does. Conceivably, if sin effected us immediately we wouldn’t do it ( I hope). The more accurate comparison would be that sin is like fast food- it’s bad for us in the long run, yet we still do it. This is what I thought but then bh I realized that this has a answer as well: When we eat unhealthy food, the effects will only be in the future but they are not guaranteed to happen. But Hashem never forgets (though we can do teshuva but that’s another comparison entirely)"

"An excelent comparation ,sin and poison. I'll take this for life,bzH"

I love Rabbi Palacci! It is a very good comparison