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You never lose when guarding your eyes.

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

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Rav palacci is the best👍👍👍

Thanks for sharing. I've being receving the videos since last year. GuardYourEyes has changed the way I see life. Basically, I was just projecting emotional issues in non-Kosher things. Once I realized that I should not over-react to life since HaShem controls everything, I started even to be gratefull for this ietser hará because this was the way I could learn self-control and emunah. For those who share this issue, i just would like to say that HaShem gave you this problem because you are capable of growing through it. HaShem belives you and so do I. So, start beliving yourself too.

Wow! I've been struggling with bitachon regarding parnassa recently, this is such a powerful illustration that it's our loyalty to Hashem that gives us all the brachos we need! Yasher koach for your amazing work!