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The Battle of the Generation - Day 58

Our weekly excerpt from the book "The Battle of the Generation"

It does not take a long period of success to feel we are growing. Our sages teach us (Chovos Halevavos 3:3) that every act of self-control shapes us into better people. Our actions change our essence. When we exert effort to maintain self-control, we grow stronger. Each correct decision changes us and makes us grow as people. Thus, when we win any battle, we truly can say to ourselves, “I am growing! I am becoming stronger! I am better than I was before!” (Rabbi Shafier, Shmuz 13: “Nefesh Habahami and Nefesh Hasichli,” www.TheShmuz.com)

Hashem put us in this world and told us, “Become someone! Change yourself and grow stronger! Become a person you will be proud of! Stand up to the battles of this world and demonstrate the strength I gave you! Make yourself great because it will make you ecstatic in both worlds and bring you close to Me!” If we listen and make this the focus of our lives, we will live the most amazing life! We will feel the magic and our lives will be incredible! This is what Hashem put us in this world for.

Let’s take advantage of the wonderful opportunity Hashem gave us. Let’s not hold ourselves back by believing the voice that tells us, “You can’t become great.” If anything, the more we were convinced that we can’t become anything, the greater we can become because of this added obstacle — these beliefs that sap our enthusiasm. Let’s bust through the barriers of our limiting beliefs and become great people for all eternity. Let us live with this fire and drive. Let’s experience the greatest pleasure and thrill by turning ourselves into something special.

True greatness is striving to serve Hashem despite great difficulty. Let’s master this perspective, realize our unique opportunity, and unleash our excitement to reach greatness through battling our yetzer hara in the battle of the generation.

Quick Recap:

  • True greatness is the effort a person invested to accomplish after factoring in his specific circumstances and challenges.
  • In the next world, this is the only thing that matters for eternity.
  • This perspective should make us get up and dance! We must master this perspective and live life with it.