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The Battle of the Generation - Day 56

Our weekly excerpt from the book "The Battle of the Generation"

Growing up in this generation, we face the toughest battles known to man. The yetzer hara uses so many sneaky tricks to trap us with desire, and if he succeeds even once, he then tries to challenge our entire spirituality. We must realize what this means — we can achieve true greatness by winning these battles! We can become great! Nothing can stop us because the significance of our achievements is determined by the difficulty and the exertion needed to overcome our challenges. We cannot fathom how great it is when we go against our nature and accomplish! By overcoming our urges and changing our direction, we can become great!

When you finally penetrate your old beliefs, you will enter a new world! You will reject the outlook that possessions and innate talents make people great, and you will focus on what matters instead. You will internalize this life-changing perspective and live life on such a high. Life will be so sweet! You will be accomplishing and you will know it.

With this perspective, you will realize what matters and what doesn’t, whether it presents its appeal physically or spiritually. You will see through what only looks good because people value it, but in reality is secondary. You will confidently determine what you value and make sound life decisions. Your ambition will awaken and your strongest drive will be to accomplish. Rather than feeling that you can’t, you will feel capable and it will make you ecstatic. You will feel good about yourself and you will feel like you are flying!

The sweetest feeling that exists is the taste of success. There is nothing like knowing you are growing and becoming a better person. No excitement can match the thrill of accomplishing and becoming stronger. You will be able to tell yourself, “I can say ‘No!’ I can control myself! I can accomplish in the way of the great ones with this act of self-control!” There is nothing like looking back and realizing you are miles beyond where you were a few months ago. You realize you are doing something with your life and feel on top of the world!