A Battle-Strategy Work-Out

Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit shares a strategy from Rabbeinu Yona on how to strengthen our spiritual muscles and learn to say NO to unwanted desires.

User Comments:

The "who's hungry" is a true and inspiring powerful vort. Thanks for sharing

Believe it or not, I was just stuffing my face with an amazing House of Subs sandwich when I was listening to this and I was zoche to listen to his advice and pause before I finished most of it.

Thank you! Well said! And to share a quote from the Alter Rebbe related to breaking taavos: "What's forbidden is of course forbidden, and what's permissible is not even necessary."

This rabbai is amazing powerful lesson thank you for sharing it gut shabbos

very powerful, because it is a real story about how someone overcame his taiva one time. please share more success stories. the more details the better (I like how he said the homemade mayo had peppers in it).