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The Battle of the Generation - Day 43

Our weekly excerpt from the book "The Battle of the Generation

Chapter 20- Our Unique Opportunity

In the Middle Ages, there was a caste system in which there were different levels of importance. For the most part, a person was stuck for life with the status he was born into. A person born of nobility would be important and powerful, but a person unfortunate enough to be born a peasant would be inferior. He would be doomed to toil for life with no hope of becoming significant.

At times, we might feel stuck with a status we cannot change. We might feel incapable of reaching certain spiritual heights that others have reached, or of even matching the success of those around us. This can make us feel stuck, unable to attain the identity we want. It seems unfair to us that others were given more talents and easier circumstances, because we think it makes them more capable of spiritual greatness. This makes us feel trapped at the bottom of the caste system with no way to move up.

However, this perspective is utterly foolish. When it comes to serving Hashem, there is no caste system. Each person has his own opportunity to serve Hashem in his unique situation. We cannot compare people, because we cannot know what someone would do had he been given another’s life-setting and natural temperament. Although people seem to respect outward success, that is not the true measure of greatness. Greatness is accomplishment in the face of great challenge. It is putting in the effort when we are struggling to succeed.

Understanding this causes us to appreciate our incredible opportunity: We can reach the greatest heights by controlling ourselves when challenged with desire. Because it is so difficult to overcome the yetzer hara, defeating him is an incredible achievement! We can escape our current status and achieve high levels of accomplishment! We can accomplish what is truly impressive and reach incredibly lofty levels in the World to Come.

Hashem has tremendous respect for those who struggle and nonetheless continue to try. When we push on even though we don’t see success, Hashem beams with pride (if it could be). He is so excited for us because we are accomplishing acts of greatness, and He will hold us high for all eternity! We must not be fazed even if people don’t properly value these accomplishments, because their perspective is wrong. And anyway, when everyone leaves this world, they will no longer view life the way they do now. They will respect whatever Hashem does and they will realize their perspective was off. They will learn what is truly impressive, and everyone will admire every bit of effort we invested when it was difficult for us.

User Comments:

Thanks for all what you shared. It helped. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. It's difficult to be unmarried. A wife is the light in the darkest moments. Some may get lured by the daily comfort and forget the shalom bayit... But it's a trap. Please share more contributions so that the Torah of each Ben Israel helps other Bnei Israel. Maybe someone has a hidden key in someone's life. Thank you for helping us

Thank you so much GYE! I am lucky to receive your boosts for already one year. I started just at this parsha with Yossef success against yetser hara. I remember the boost from R' Yaakov Nadel: Yossef succeed because his saw the face of his father, who is also the face under the Kisse hakavod. But Yossef looks like to his father, so he just succeed because he saw that HIS face can be under Kisse hakavod if he pass the test! Let's fight and win our battles! No matter how much we failed, it's our time to grow!

I have a nice mashal that I think will give some chizuk. Someone was driving down the highway and had to pull over to check if his blinkers were working. He sent his son out who said, " now they're working, now they're not, now they are..." So his father said, " when they turn on and off that means they're working!! we have days that we're "off" and days that we're "on" but we're working!!

When you see how much you are struggling know it’s because you have such a pure precious soul, and that’s who you really are, the darkness and taava that surrounds the heart is not who we are, use the struggle as a means to see how badly we need Hashem and his mercy at every moment .. and know that every moment that you turn away and turn to the good you are healing worlds that depend on you.. ( based on the teachings of Rebbi Nachman and Rebbi Nosson)

Keep going... The yetzer hora doesn't stop when he fails 😉... He pushes you to fall again and again... You keep strong 💪 again and again... If you fall it doesn't take away of all the times you resisted! Be gentle with yourself! BH as long as we live we need to keep trying...Hashem is seeing it all! You will be rewarded ! Wishing you much Hatzlacha!

It's so important to understand and remember that the goal and reward is for the fighting, NOT for the accomplishing. The success is what we're aiming for, but it's all about the getting up again, and again, and then again! That's what we're living for.

Toda! I like the perspective that struggles are not wasted, I sometimes feel mine are, but they aren’t.