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Are you free or are you a prisoner?

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So true.

O my gosh! This is my exact mentality!! T4, but after the Taanis, I saw everyone run for the food like they’re about to die. And even those who had an easy time fasting! It amazed me! I cannot explain to the degree that I relate to this point! That’s my whole reason for wanting to be shomer my einayim! It bothered me that I was controlled by this petty desire so I looked for help! I’m not out of the woods yet, but I watch in amazement how the world around us can be so petty and go after such imprisonments without even thinking twice! This is one reason I thank G.od for making me a yid! Such an opportunity!! Thank you for this Boost!! And thank you again to GYE for literally changing my life! My GYE username is literally @Control for that exact reason!!