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What to do when we're just not feeling it?

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

User Comments:

This is legit my life. So good to hear it’s normal, and what to do about it!

This gave me such a boost!!! Love it!!!

That was awesome, only problem was that it was too short!

I was once walking home from yeshiva and this man stopped to pick me up in his car. He didn’t even know me. He just felt like helping another yid. This guy is real mensch. Great video.

Plainly amazing there is no excuse to not watch

Love it! Deep! often surviving comes before thriving...

Short sweet and very on point. Thank you!!!!

Just what I was looking for! Thank You GYE for pulling through yet again!

Geshmak. Straight to the point. Summed the point of life up 🙏👏🏻