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The Battle of the Generation - Day 15

Our weekly excerpt from the book "The Battle of the Generation"

Today's Boost is sponsored for a Refuah Shleima for Dovid Ben Bejhat

Everywhere we turn, we see people searching for meaning. We all want to feel that we matter. When people think that there is no G-d and that they are just here to enjoy themselves until they die, the lack of meaning causes them much pain.

There can be no greater meaning in life than listening to what the Creator of the Heavens and Earth told us to do for our own benefit and having a relationship with Him through doing so. No actions can be greater than those that Hashem Himself has informed us are productive and draw us close to Him. The Torah makes our lives meaningful and significant. It tells us that our actions make a difference, and It teaches us which acts will bring us to greatness.

Nothing can make us feel as important as knowing that the Creator wants a relationship with us. This feeling gets even sweeter when we realize that Hashem holds so highly of us and understands our challenges. Hashem values all our efforts to do the right thing despite the extreme difficulty we face. He is even impressed (in His way) by what we have accomplished.

This point is stressed by the Gemara (Sukkah 52a), which relates that after the arrival of the Moshiach, Hashem will slaughter the yetzer hara. The yetzer hara will appear before the tzaddikim as a mighty mountain, and they will cry and say, “How did we ever conquer such a mighty mountain?” And Hashem (if it could be) will wonder along with the tzaddikim, as the posuk says (Zecharya 8:6): “So said Hashem, ʻAs it will be wondrous in the eyes of the remnant of this people in those days, so too will it be wondrous in My eyes.’” Hashem is amazed (if it could be) by the good we have accomplished in battling the “mighty mountain.” Hashem approves of all the good we do and is immensely proud of us.

As we have discussed, there is a natural drive within people to want to feel significant and superior. This drive cannot be satisfied by showing off or by taking pride in talents and possessions, because these things are external and lack significance. People want to be proud of their essence, not some possession or talent they were granted. If we try to feel successful without genuinely impressing ourselves, we will end up feeling unfulfilled.

Fortunately, the Torah provides us with an opportunity to make our mark and attain true success. By performing the mitzvos, especially when it is difficult, we can succeed beyond our wildest dreams! There is no limit to the heights we can reach. That is why Hashem gave us the Torah with all its challenges, especially the incredibly difficult challenge of guarding our eyes and overcoming our desires. This is our opportunity to become great forever! The more challenging our situation, the greater we can become. This is one of the many gains we receive from the Torah, the greatest gift and most incredible opportunity of all time.