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Who doesn't want to have a happy marriage?

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Unbelievable!!! Straight to the point. It's a topic that people feel uncomfortable discussing but can Ultimately ruin lives if not handled timely

and this applies to women in regards to men! very powerful and important to hear!

Well said! However beautiful a girl is, she can’t be 1,000 different types of fantasy women. It’s a shame to ruin what you have, over fantasy’s that don’t exist!

Wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooow he’s amazing please send more he’s very motivating and his mind set it’s deep and straight forward I love it

Wow I loved it, its important to hear the raw truth even when its hard

Maskim 100% , I used to look at inappropriate websites in the past , starting in 8th grade , which lead to going to parties , and clubs , doing innapropriate things things lots of women ... when I was dating I had a rule , no looking at inappropriate websites... however, when HaShem finally brought me my basheret , it was very difficult for me to whole heartedly become attracted to her , even tho she’s very pretty ! Eventually , with lots of tefilla hahsem turned a switch in my head and I thought of her , as verrrry attractive , all in the first year of marriage. My advice to everyone out there is 1. stop looking at this stuff sooner than later , and hahsem will help you not even want to look at it ... and 2. Even if your currently looking at this stuff , don’t give up hope - if you stop hahsem will help you in ways you could never imagine.

This is exactly what I needed to hear

This is one of my favorite recent boosts! So powerful! Thanks for the Chizuk!