The Job of Our Generation

Rabbi Moshe Weinberger movingly admonishes *(with tears!)* the elitist mentality of those who look down upon others who stumble in these areas.

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Best thing to listen in the morning

WOW! This shiur is so powerful and very very true.

Amazing how much he cares it makes me feel loved

I love this! This is truth!!!

דברים היוצאים מן הלב נכסים אל הלב Unbelievably refreshing!

Wow! Wow! Listened to it a few times, amazing. Please keep getting more from Rabbi Weinberger

This video gave me so much inspiration for my own daily chizuk that I give on what's app group wow really amazing

??Mamish incredible Very moving

This is old but a must listen to at least once a month!!! Chaburas Yosef Hatzadik by Reb moshe (available on Torah Anytime) is a series of 80+ classes, I found them to be life saving

This broadcast was absolutely amazing and eye opening

Why don't people know this!? This msg should be mandatory for every Rosh Yeshiva to hear once a week! Thank you thank you thank you!

Awesome!I cried while listening to this. Thank you so much for sharing this with us ❤

I'm still listening to this one because I'm the one who look down upon myself because of my sins, I always thought of myself as a miserable sinner hated by G-od, a twisted perverted tennager going to hell but This video give me joy ,hope and courage !