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Why don't we notice the trees and telephone polls on the way to work each day?

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

User Comments:

Rabbi tahan is a very straight person !!!

The biggest proof of this is, I worked as a sales rep for a window shutter company for almost 2 years. I would drive around and randomly notice every single house with window shutters on them. The color, style, etc. I have a different job now and I dont notice them anymore 🙂

I liked this clip. Mostly because these words are said many times throughout the day. Thank you

Life changing idea

It was an inspiring message. It equips me on how to focus my eyes on things that am interested in. That is if I know something is against the will of Hashem I will not bother having a look at it. Thanks for sharing.

That is deep - those shiur which are “deep” really resonate with me Rebbe Shay is very engaging and an excellent speaker Thank you so much

Thank you. Great speaker!