We have no idea what we are accomplishing with each small effort.

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Amazing 💪

Wow, what a Mashal!! 🤯🤯

Amazing stuff. Thank you

In my opinion this was the greats GYE boost ever!!!!!🔥🔥🔥

Great lesson

Great !!

So helpful practically and most inspiring out of all 651 Boosts so far!

Tremendous! Please bring more of this speaker

Love this speaker and his message!

Thank you so much for posting!!! I would say that his words and message are gold. But really, they're more than just gold: They're Platinum...

Brilliant 🔥



One of the best speakers and messages, than you so much!

1 word: Priceless!!!

Just what I needed on a cold, windy, wet Monday morning, recovering from flu/covid. Really, chicken soup for the soul!

Woooow I will show this to my class tomorrow Amazing Chizuk