Rabbi Daniel Kalish
Rosh Yeshiva, Mesivta of Waterbury

Are our tayvos indicative of our dark side?

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A truly amazing point of view!

Thank you for sharing this!

Sooo powerful 🔥🔥🔥

Cant beleive its rabbi kalischs first time very dymanic and engaging speaker and so to the point.

Wow amazing 😉

Amazing stuff

I went to Waterbury! Rabbi Kalish is the best!!!!!!!

great message. thank you.

Wow!! Such an amazing new perception!! I actually just got engaged and this brings my "mission" to a whole new light! Love it!!

Anything from r kalish is going to be epic

Excellent message!!!

Woooow what an eye opening viewpoint, mamesh a whole new perspective

Thank you for always providing new, encouraging content, amazing work!

We need more boosts from rabbi kalish

We need more boosts from rabbi kalish

Great perspective on our natural Taivas!

ממש מצוין



The clip from Rabbi Kalish is incredible. I think I just shedded layers of secrecy and shame. Thank you

What tools/strategies helped you the most?: The daily broadcast is all I need to keep me inspired throughout my day.

Prob the most relatable boost Thank you

What a beautiful refreshing point

wow, new perspective, thank you

O.M.G! Unreal!! Wish this was spoken about more and in this positive manner in yeshivos. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.

I keep fooling myself into thinking only new clips will inspire, but I went back and listened to Rabbi Kalish and lo and behold his message not only resonated but affected me in an even greater way than the first time listening after picking up new nuances and cementing his incredible message in my psyche. Thank you!