Rabbi Dovid Lichtenstein
CEO and Host of Headlines Radio Show

Why does one person become a Tzadik, while his friend who was just like him, becomes a rasha?

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visión fantástica y palabras de aliento

Amazing speaker. I love how the Rav managed to fit in so much info in 4 minutes with tremendous clarity.

Thanks for all the effort thats gone into these recordings.


Thank you. So important to remember that a single failing of ours only brings us down one rung of a ladder, rather than us falling off the entire ladder.

Great stuff!

Thank You... Thank You... Thank You... In your zechus and all the amazing work you do, you have saved me. The most lifesaving thing on my phone!

Wow wow!! Our bad brings out the best of us! Even when we think we're over, we have a very easy and smooth pathway to get to the highest places.

Fantastic! Really drives the point home

Needed this thanks

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