"Chodesh Av: Don't cut down ON Simcha, cut down WITH Simcha!".

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This is fantastic! Great Chizzuk for a difficult period of time. We should be holding ourselves back with a sense of pride & Simcha that we're living for something so much deeper, richer and more Godly! Yasher Koiach for the much needed chizzuk!

Such an amazing outlook!! Thank you for sharing!

This was exact what I needed to hear. Up until now I would get upset for “staying on the right path” while my friends would do different activities where I didn’t participate in. Thanks for reminding me of yet another technique of the yetzer hara. 💪🏽🙌🏽

Thanks for sharing! A thought of טומאה popped into my head but I suppressed it immediately and said to myself - this is not who I want to be. Right after that, I heard this video. Wonderful hashgacha. Tizku limitzvos.

Very inspiring! Thank you!

Wow that’s great


He's good!

Unbelievable fantastic vort!!

🔥 All-time greatest GYE boost!!!🔥