Rabbi Yisroel Yaakov Berman
Rebbe, TABC

Do you wish you wouldn't struggle anymore?

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Great idea and chizzuk

I really like this one

Very inspirational


Loved this. To hear the same message over and over, but in different ways coming out from different sources... is only one big proof to how much this yesod is well... a yesod for an eved Hashems way of life. Always pick yourself back up!! Yerida Letzruch Aliyah, learn from your mistakes, keep track of the patterns, make a plan, speak to someone WHATEVER IT TAKES!!

This was just what I needed to hear

This was true inspiration and is a great lesson to start the day

That was a great and very important lesson thank you!!

Wow, amazing! very powerful!

Much needed chizuk


Gadlus haadam mamash beautiful so appeasing relaxing soothing yet inspirational and mind boggling looove it