Everyone's talking about Moshiach in these crazy times, but who who will really bring him?

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Wow wow wow!!! Very very nice!

Excellent video thanks. I do believe this guy that by holding back I unleash kedusha, and rip apart the iron shackles that keep my soul in prison. Bringing Moshiach is big on me; my soul is my responsibility. It was an uplifting video, thanks!

I was about to be nichshel and this video gave me chizuk to over come it!! Thanks!!

Really shkoiyach! The work you do is incredible!!


wow! Very powerful???


Love it!! Thank you!

Unbelievable, really helped me.

Amazing. So down to earth

Amazing one

We cant run away from the bad because it's faster and will catch up the only way to win is to face it head on and fight it

Wow! What a profound thought! That blew me off!

Such good chizuk, thank you!

Thank you very much for this wonderful content.

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