Yaakov Nadel
Co-Founder, GYE

What can we do to show Hashem that we really want to be good and tip the scales in our favor this Rosh Hashana? CLICK HERE TO JOIN

This challenge is sponsored for the Refuah of Feige Neche Bas Hudis, who is in critical condition.

User Comments:

I tried this challenge before shavous and it really was a life changer, so much so that i decided to take it upon myself at the begining of elul in order to prepare for the yomim tovim properly. Now that i see gye has done it again, i am ecstatic to join and be part of such a holy tzibbur banding together to become closer to our creator, what better way is there to be zoche in din. Thank you Hashem for creating such a wonderful organization, and thank you gye for being here in every way to help guide all of us.

Keep up the fantastic work you guys are doing

Before the Yesod challenge I took before shevuos, I was spending about 45 minutes a day reading/watching sports. It was almost an addition. Since I undertook that challenge, I have significantly reduce the amount of time I waste reading/watching sports. I hope by signing up for this challenge, it will continue to provide me chizuk and be a great zechus for my family, I, and the greater GYE community.