Does it seem sometimes that Halacha wants to take all the fun out of life?

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Thanks, this was awesome!! I appreciate his positive, insightful, compassionate message I can’t commend you enough for sending this out, and with links to his other talks also!!???

Powerful!! I personally think that the rabbi YY is from the only people in our community that understands the real way to deal with addictions. Instead of being focused on telling us again and again what a big disease we have, he's extremely focused on telling us to find our true selves and to find what we really want. To heal addictions, we need to heal the core of the issue, we need to find what we really want and than understand the reason why we are driven by addictions, which is because we're looking for something deeper!! thanks again and bring more from my Rabbi YY

Finally something down to earth! Well said Lchaim