How can we figure out what really needs healing inside of us?

חיים יצחק יהודה ליב בן אסתר לרפו"ש בקרוב

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Excellent!!?????? The real life,unfornutatly

Powerful, practical, and rings a million percent true. Thank you so much for this!

I was listening to rav Meilich Biderman on Tisha bav and he said an amazing story. There was once a bucher that was one day very down and his chavrusa asked him what's going on with you today ? Which he replied you won't be able to help me anyway after begging him he said that for weeks he has been working on gurding his eyes and today he was nichshal while riding on a bus so his chavrusa went with him to the steipler guen in bnei brak and the steipler asked him did you a least once keep yourself back while being on the bus? And the bucher said yes! The steipler then said if I would have koach I would stand up for you! We have to focus what we accomplished that keeps us stronger !!