What would you do if you got a flat tire?

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very powerful

Love it! So well presented, כדרכו בקודש. Ashreichem!

Amazing thank you so much just what I needed to hear couldn’t have said it any better

I needed this so much, you have no idea. I thought he was gonna say something else which I think is also true. I thought he was gonna say that even when you get a flat and have to wait on the side of the road for a bit, that doesn’t undo the distance that you’ve already traveled. I stayed clean for 90 days then I fell. A bunch. But there’s distance that was already covered and falls don’t take that away. Nothing can take that away. Thank you so much

nice metaphor!

Such precious advice, many people get so upset and down after a fall they dont want to get up. Do teshuva, get up and keep fighting! Dont pop the other tires