A story that illustrates the divine blessing we invoke by guarding our eyes.

לזכות רפואה שלימה ולזרעא חייא וקיימא, לשלמה בן לאה רייזל ומלכה בת חנה לאה

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Beautiful!! Thank you so much

Thank you, that was amazing

This is an amazing story, but we need to remember that often Hashem waits to reward us in the world to come. If we don’t see instant results or any results we need to remember השומר אמת לעולם Hashem doesn’t forget

Most incredible shiur. Really gave me a chizzuk. Thank you for the ongoing daily shiur

Wow thank you so much

Powerful!!! Thank you

חזק ביותר

Wow! This is amazing!!!

Very powerful!! I need to stay sober because of my willingness yo stay alive... for me its a disease. But its still a boost!!!