Does the drug epidemic in Klal Yisrael today have anything to do with us?

Liluy Nishmas Moshe Aharon ben R' Yitzchok Yerucham Z'L לזכות רפואה שלימה ולזרעא חייא וקיימא, לשלמה בן לאה רייזל ומלכה בת חנה לאה לע'ן ר יוסף דניאל יונה אלימלך בן ר' דוד

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I appreciated the positive spin he put on struggles. Often, we beat ourselves up constantly with the סור מרע, but very rarely do we take it a step further and think, “how can I channel this powerful drive to an עשה טוב״. Thanks for the chizuk!!

Unreal !!! You really inspired me

Truly inspiring. Chasidus uses this tool very strongly in connected the ruchnayius and gashmiyus