It's one thing to sacrifice and suffer to achieve our goals, but don't let the "other side" own you!

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It is strong. But someone needs to tell us the truth.


Not harsh at all. It's the reality. People have to know about this

Like this alot . Straight to the point

Harsh but sometimes כלל ישראל needs that

Thank you for the messages of hope Am battling with relapse currently having just done my step three and feeling hopeless and powerless over life. Thank you from London ??


Hit home the right message. Thanks for sharing.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I needed this so much!!! Keep it up! Never stop and NEVER apologize for what you're doing!!!

Loved the message!

This was charif but rly good. Thank you.

Indeed, Once in a while to get it the hard way

Of course it’s necessary because right now the way things are we really need some shakes. ??

I also happen to have been struggling mightily over the last few months to keep my eyes clean, and I happened to be listening to non Jewish music in my car before I clicked on this video, and I was thinking he’d only mention watching our eyes. I don’t know why he decided to throw the part about music in when he said it, but I have no doubt that HaShem wanted me to hear him say that right now. Thank you!

It was great thank you so much

Strong and powerful to the point

A bit harsh, but very much needed. Today's generation has to get the message very loud and clear. No sugarcoating, no beating around the bush....just the truth.

I really like the חריף מסור I think it’s good for some people and not so good for other but I think you guys should send out more clips like this

That was actually very inspiring!

We need more videos like this one

Not too harsh. Appropriate and well put.

Strong but necessary message.

I think it's good to hear something like this every so often. Powerful! Thank you!

The emes is the emes

Both ways are true and useful. I think that this is an important thought and scary yet obviously true. However, This thought should come to use BEFORE doing the wrong thing. After the fact, this thought can discourage someone that’s trying to return to good ways. Similar to what Rabbi Faigenbaum describes in boost #401 or #301 (not sure) the satan before and after the test. Another boost also described this idea I can’t remember it off hand..

Mussar is always good, thats the only way that really works, to love and to FEAR HaShem!

This is what I needed to hear because, Baruch HaShem, through learning more of HaShem's Torah, doing more of His mitzvahs and striving to use my time wisely, it has been easier for me to not get caught up with the yetzer Hara. In doing all that, I now have a medium through which to divert my attention to. I use them for both an intellectual stimulus, a spiritual inspiration and a general positive builder. At the same time I need to understand that when there ARE women around it can be extremely tough to not look. So this is the chizuk I needed.

GYE constantly gives us chizuk how do be strong & over come the temptations, Rabbi Wallerstein explained what actually happens if we ח״ו give in to our temptations, it’s not just I fell through & I’ll do teshuva (and yes teshuva helps!) but it’s not that easy, we need to undo & reverse what we have caused

i just wanted to let you know that this clip made a massive impact on me. i always struggled with accessing a news website, which i kept on persuading myself that it was not treif.... It has been very difficult for me....but thank you for the push!