There are two types of guilt; one is healthy while the other is the most UN-Jewish thing in the world!

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Very nice distinction

So true. Amazing lesson

Great Rabbi Jacobson! His broadcast really help

Wow wow, just hear it in middle of my daily work, feeling noting is going my way, I am a LOOSER, I even not in the mood talking to anyone else, because I am the Biggest LOSSER, and guess what Rabbi YY you made my life ?

Great video, I really enjoy being part of this WhatsApp group. Thank you very much.

Strong. Really powerful. This applies to every area in life

Thanks for the inspiration from Rabbi YY

clarified the thought process and put it into the right perspective!

"Such an important lesson. And the delivery is amazing! Thank you. The Yetzer hora is really smart and knows all that we have learned as well. We have to always remind our self that if the outcome of guilt is to do more bad and lead to more guilt then its the Yetzer hora. Sometimes you're better off not listening to even healthy guilt (if it will cause worse) for the moment and then when you are up to it, to do teshuva. Guilt is a tool to be used to grow and not to fall."

"So Emesdick!!! Wow love ? him! Thank you so much for the zchus of learning where to put the guilt. If it’s “Jewish” or not."

Thanks for the inspiring message, but I was inspired even more by the patience of Rabbi YY when his son came to him while he was in middle of recording!

most inspiring part is rabbi yy son disturbing and he pulls him closer and gives him a hug...

"Can’t stop watching this for days So so true"