Special Message to Today's Youth

Rabbi Ari Bensoussan
Chazak International, LA

Rabbi Ari Bensoussan addresses today's teens who believe they can do what they want now and they'll change later.

User Comments:

Just what I needed, thank you!

It's kind of crazy how parents don't think a 20-year-old doesn't need a filter...This broadcast should be sent to every parent!

Nebach!!! Hashem watch over your kids! The crazy thing is that this kid didn't know it would destroy his life forever... I think this has to be taught to kids before others can educate them that way you can explain it properly...

Wow! What an amazing insight!!

Straight fire??????

I wish i'd heard that when i was 14. So true


You don’t know what a difference you’re making. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re making the world a better place

Wow wow wow ?????This is FIRE. This one is brilliant!! Rav Ari is unbelievable!!⚡⚡⚡???

Wow!! Really powerful!

Reb Ari s great and to the point, i wish i would have had this when i was young, now that i am married it's harder. But the reward is great also in this world

This a wake up call to klal Israel... may Hashem help us overcome this desire!

This made me cry..... very powerful