So many people ask, "What can we do that we live in such a promiscuous world?" Turns out, Chazal give us a simple answer.

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I just want to say thank you because earlier I was having a major struggle to break my clean streak. My mind was telling me it's not worth it but it hurt! But as soon as I got this message I felt empowered and special! Thank you! (BTW I remember my Rebbi telling me this message, that "The less you feed it, the less you need it!"

"Very practical and understandable I think everyone could follow this pad to get out of addiction step by step BH"

"Now understand the word ""less"". Presented on ground level BUT this teaching takes you for sure to a higher level. Once again very short, but Ohh Vey very very powerful."

"Wow! Amazing message! This is definitely gonna help me out a lot when I know this! Great advice to get out of the dark hole of the shmutz of this world! Thank you GYE!"

Thanks for today's boost you are inspiring our lives ?

Really really true! I see it by myself the less I look the less you desire

Thank you very much for this insightful broadcast it shows if you do not feed the yetzer hara by looking at something then the yetzer hara will bother u less!

What a key lesson!

Real eye opener!! It’s really all in our control at the end of the day!!!