What can we do if we're hit with an unexpected test that feels almost impossible to overcome?

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Well spoken. Clear. To the point. Excellent practical advice. Thank you.

Wow... amazing felt like he is talking to me personally, so true and strong Thanks a lot

"Amazing It happened to me this past summer that I was in an office of a car rental place and the lady behind the desk was not dressed appropriately and I kept my eyes down the whole time, after I left I had an amazing feeling of happiness in me that I was able to hold back and not look. Before I joined this group I would have never been able to have done this"

Really great and useful advice!

Super strong. Thanks. Keep up your great work ??????

Wow wow wow!! What an amazing tip! Thank you so much!

Really good and inspirational

Well said

Beautiful words

Great video keeping it real with good practical advice. Kol Hakavod keep up the great work