What can we learn about Teshuvah from the Halachos of Tam and Mu'ad (goring oxen)?

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Such powerful words! Great analogy really brings out how one can transform to a tzadik instantly. I have been struggling lately, it's this shift in mindset that can really bring one to doing teshuva with a whole heart. Thank you GYE! You've help klal yisroel tremendously. May your sechus bring the geula shelema fast!

It’s good to hear words from the late Lubavitcher rebbe. He was an example of how we should serve Hashem!!! Thank you

Wow!!! Very powerful! Thank you for sending

This gives me hope bc lately I've been thinking of myself as eternally struggling/ stuck in a rut, and this reminds me I really can with a small shift reach a much higher space, I don't need to resign myself to darkness, I can live in the light. Doesn't mean I'll be immune, but I can with Hashems help live surrounded by kedusha