Success takes years of hard work with many bumps along the way, and it's not "the gold or nothing"!

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Mamish Great Yeshivishe chizuck

"It's an interesting conversation he had with the athelete. I can appreciate the wisdom and lessons learned from it. In a similiar vein, I once heard that in major league baseball they play about 150 games a season. In general, every team loses 50 games and every team will win 50 games. It's what you do with the other 50 games is what makes the difference. God willing each GYE season our record will get better and better until, with God's loving compassion, we are undefeated!"

A real power of the roots its so eternal that we have to understand we are given power to over come even things we cannot explain but really feel and know they are true and real no matter who says anything apart from who God says you are