TZEDAKA SAVES FROM DEATH (Yiddish with English subtitles)

A true story that happened recently in the old city of Jerusalem. Please send us feedback on how you feel this story relates to our struggle with Shmiras Einayim.

User Comments:

It’s not a kuntz to give 1 dollar when you have a million. so to when it comes to purity, only when it seems that purity is beyond our capabilities that striving for purity can yield such a huge bounty.

We see from this story that there are a lot of challenges in life ie shemiras einayim but someone cannot just give into his addiction and say it's hard so I give up nothing in life is easy and it hard to see the hard work we put in but we have to know that hashem is always here to help and there will be problems in life that a person must deal with and not give up!!!!

Unbelievable!!! We never know what our actions do!!!

Often we have temptations to look at things that we shouldn’t, and if we are zocheh Hashem sends us a reminder that maybe we should hold back from looking..... sometimes to overcome this temptation feels like “death”.... who knows what we are saved from by being strong ... even if we failed in the passed

beautiful! reminds us how this world is run precisely from Hashem

The connection I see to shmiras aynayim is: That when a challenge is hard and feels like a sacrifice, even if it’s a small step, it gives great pleasure to the schinah.

Very touching and inspiring.

Wow wow wow! What an amazing story!

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