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If someone asks you to do or look at something you shouldn't, what does that tell you?

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

User Comments:

Wow! this so powerful, it touches so many aspects of life. Can't wait to share with the family at the Shabbat meal

Wow wow wow! What a perspective!! Thank you so much!

Wow! That's a great point! I have to start thinking that way.

"I loved this vort! Especially the enthusiasm that the Rabbi says it! Waiting to see more of him, and wish I knew where he's מקבל from"

"Wow!!!! Amazing. I trully look forward to wonderful worlds of chizuk from this rabbi every time. Chazak"

Very enlightening. Made me seriously consider things. Thanks for sharing as usual.

Once again amazing!!! So true!!!! He lays it out so clearly!!

"Unbeleivable!!! Such a powerful message !!! This is something needed on a daily basis . Thanks a million !!"

Fascinating insight.