The Toldos Aharon Rebbe describes how our shmiras einayim can actually save lives!

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WOW!!! Tremendous חיזוק

Pretty powerful and inspiring. Thank you so much for everything

Woww. Never saw it like that before

"Unbelievable!!! When we realize what an impact every single thing we do has it puts things in perspective!! Thanks for these daily doses!!!"

Wow. Great and much needed chizzuk

"Very powerful!! What a great way to put it!!"



"Wow such a powerful mashal in such a short clip!!! I love the speakers who give real life, practical examples"

Am currently sitting on a bus facing several people while trying to keep my head turned away. Still I find myself looking out of the corner of my eyes. Decided to listen the shiur having no idea what it's contents would be. Gained a lot of chizuk from the Rav.

Thanks! KEEP UP YOUR FANTASTIC WORK. I think if you apply the mashal given by the toldos aron rabbe to all GYE founders [daily broadcast]. you will have a lot of big tractor trailers of zchusim!!!!!!

WOW!!! this is incredible!!!!!!!