Double Whammy

Rabbi Yitzchak Feigenbaum speaks about the difficulty of shmiras einayim, and yet, why it's so worth it!

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I don’t listen to these so often- which I might change! This one was REALLY good!??? Thank you!!

? tumbs up to him... amazing observation

Rabbi Feigenbaum is just amazing!! Thank you!

Beautiful, every word, gold. Thank you GYE for communicating onto my smartphone something so genuine and sincere.

??? U shd post him more often he's good!!!

Wow!!! This is also why Guard your eyes is so incredibly successful, it gives people the ability to feel accomplished and get support on these issues.

Awesome!! Great point and insight !!!! Thank you

Wow he's amazing, great advice. Really nailed it. Thank u

Wow! It's so hard sometimes to know if your doing things for the right reasons. But with shmiras eynaim there is no1 patting u on the back it's all for HaShem.

What a brilliant perspective on שמירת עינים!! By the end of the clip I was in tears. Thank you GYE for all your inspiration!! You are literally saving our נשמות!!

That was fantastic. So true and really practical. Thank you for posting that.

This was a really good one. Many times I do feel so disgusting! This helps me think of if in a different perspective. It will definitely help. Thank you!


Great point and insight !!!! Thank you

Simply super shtark!

this was so good and true

Unreal! Just last night I felt that I have to work on actual shmiras einayim aspect besides for just "keeping clean". Then I got this message today!! For the long term the only way to stay clean is to really work on shemiras einayim

My favorite one so far! Very practical way of dealing with this challenge!

Only watched this because so many ppl were talking about it. It's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. If you're in contact with him please tell him so.

Wow Rabbi Feigenbaum is so dynamic. His message really struck home. Pierced right into my heart. Thank you so much for all you do!