Giving Up the Goods

Rabbi Yissocher Frand
Magid Shiur, Ner Yisroel, Baltimore

At what precise moment did Esav throw it all away?

User Comments:

Thank you as you’ve reminded me of one of the main concepts that contributed to my growth as a baale chuba in separating myself from the influence of the world and as an encouragement to keep on going and never give up there is no better example of this than shich vach zera lebatalah as my close friends who would come to me for guidance and ask how did I overcome it I would tell them what someone once told me I would tell them I would feel invaluable and unworthy afterwards I would feel like nothing but an animal a worthless being until which would only bring me lower until one day someone taught me that hashem doesn’t reward us for succeeding or for the end result but rather for the struggle “lefum sara agra “ and it was there where I said to myself hashem rewards me for feeling guilty for showing that I care for showing even the least bit of resistance to fight off my yeser hara a slowly step by step with tramendous resistance and siyata dishmaya living with this concept has changed my life where dafkah right after the sin hashem is right there where we say in hashems 13 middot hashem hashem it’s the same hashem before and after the sin he’s still there he still loves you he still accepts you even the wicked the lowest of the low he desires there repentants for they are his children so yes right after you looked at such a scene or did such an act go to teffilah and daven with kavanah and remind yourself hashem is litsening more than ever in the midst of your trouble just wanted to share :) thank you for this keep up the good work and with hashems help May the messages you send especially this one penetrate the hearts of the people that they are always wanted and accepted by god as long as they are still alive they have the potential to overcome and control their desires

Wow!!! Rabbi Yissocher Frand put it into a great perspective. He is amazing !!! GYE you guys are amazing, every speaker one after the other is just amazing !! Thank you for all your work you have been doing ! You guys give me chizuk every day to continue satiating kadosh to build my connection with hashem! Thank you !!!!