Positive Vision - Day 3

Our weekly excerpt from the book "Positive Vision"

Day 3

The Ultimate Pleasure

Attaching to Hashem

ואֲַניִ קִרְבתַ אֱלקִֹים ליִ טוֹב
As for me, it is closeness to Hashem that is good.

The ultimate pleasure, the most supreme goodness, is being close to Hashem. This concept, expressed by Dovid HaMelech, recurs over and over in Tanach and by the words of Chazal.

The Olam Haba experience, the ultimate reward, is in fact described by Chazal as a realization of this closeness, of this attachment to the Creator.

But trying to understand the enjoyment of Olam Haba in this world is like a fish trying to comprehend a fire. It cannot, because its environment is the very opposite of fire.

The Rambam assures us that our enjoyment in Olam Haba will be unending and infinite, and nothing in this world is even remotely comparable. He illustrates this with a mashal to which we can all relate.

This is like a powerful king who decides one day to abdicate the throne because he wants to return to playing ball in the streets. At one time, when he was a young immature boy, he really did enjoy ball-playing more ...

Can you imagine if the president suddenly announced his resignation because he wished to spend more time with his true passion, playing pickup basketball? You would question his sanity! “What is he thinking?! How can the fleeting diversion of playing ball in the park be compared with the thrill and ‘rush’ of wealth and power?!”

User Comments:

Very powerful. I want to cry out to our Father in Heaven and ask Him to bring me close to Him I want Him to give me the pleasure of being close to Him instead of the negative pleasures of this world I am trying to run away from.

Wow - this was great - I can't wait for the continuation!

Thank you for strengthening the souls of thousands of Jews all around the world! This is a very important lesson, one should remember always! Im from Germany and im going to a secular Highschool, and I am glad that you give us the opportunity for a quick chizuk once a day. Thank you sir!