Living in the Now

Rabbi Daniel Coren asks why Chazal compare the first nisayon of Avraham Avinu (lech lecha) to the huge nisayon of the Akeida. The answer can change your life!

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And then I heard Rabbi Coren for #268!! Mamenyu!! I’m almost 65 and coming from a very low bottom that slowed me down and wrote my script. Much of my pain derives from knowing the joy of living in recovery and being aware of the long, slow journey - came in in February 1985 - and how dark and difficult the way was. Did I learn along the way? Do i have a story that may help others? Sure. But starting out at 64 - basically maybe having the skills of a 14-year-old? It brings up grief. But O don’t act out and as much as I honor my past, I can celebrate this wonderful moment. I never could have imagined the goodness, breadth, space, genius, brilliance, kindness, humor and joy I encounter REGULARLY, now that my connections extend beyond other active addicts. Thx for listening.