I'm a failure, so why bother?

Yaakov Nadel
Co-Founder, GYE

The Boost in a Nutshell:
The Yetzer Hara's favorite tool is to make us feel like we're failures anyway, so why bother?
Here are two approaches to battle this LIE in our minds.
(1) At any given moment, a person can choose to be either a Tzadik or a Rasha; the past is irrelavent.
(2) Ask yourself: "Is this about me, or about Hashem? Right now, the King's crown is on the floor - and I have the opportunity to pick it up!"

User Comments:

Thank you so much for this beautiful insight and sense of encouragement it really gives me personally so much chizuk to hear these things and help me keep moving forward on the path that you helper me find That is the path of opportunity the path of strength the path of Hope and a path with purpose

Beautiful examples! This gives me strength to continue fighting the evil inclination by realizing the worth I am ! Thank you so so much for this tremendous chizuk!!!

Thank you for #263 I really enjoyed it ( actually Yaakov Nadel is my favorite speaker)