Enlighten our Eyes - Day 46

Our weekly excerpt from the book "Enlighten our Eyes" (translated from the Hebrew sefer called "Ve'ha'er Eineinu")

It's not something new: Your struggles are, in essence, nothing but the age-old challenges in a new outward form. It's the very same yeitzer hora that the Bnei Yisroel encountered in Arvos Moav. Today, like then, most triumphed, and it was only a minority that failed.

Be strong: Don't let the yeitzer hora succeed, and ״don't give up giving up.״ Even if you have lost many battles, you will win the war. The Siyata Dishmaya you were witness to in the time that you did manage to stay strong assures you that you can and will succeed אגרת קהילות יעקב

Every neshoma will eventually have to have its tikun. Yet it is up to us to take the ״easier route״ whilst we still can. כל זמן שהנר דולק אפשר עוד לתקן, As long as the light burns, there is still time to correct.

Fighting the present ugly yeitzer hora is our chance to show beloved devotion to Hashem. When Moshiach comes, there will be plenty of avodah for us to do. Nevertheless, this glorious opportunity which is being offered to us now, will be over מהר״ל נצח ישראל פרק מ״ו

It's everyone's Torah: Rabbi Chaim Volozhin zt״l would wholeheartedly dismiss people's concerns of feeling unworthy to learning Hashem's Torah. On the contrary, Torah benefits everyone tremendously. It can be learnt by every Yid - whatever his level ( נפש החיים .(פ״ח

Many people have reached great heights of true immersion in Torah ( אמת'ר ליגען אין לערנן) through the realization that this is the only way to succeed. Perhaps these challenges are actually messengers ultimately leading to real דביקות בתורה , attachment to Torah.

The power of Torah: As we all know, the power of Torah is indispensable in battling the yeitzer hora ( קידושין .(ל: מסילת ישרים פ״ה

This, however, refers to quality learning, writes the Steipler ( ספר אגרת נדירה מבעל קהילות יעקב ). And it is therefore the individual who lives his learning - not merely cruising through it - who can expect to be adequately armed with these protective powers. Even if temporarily it is just one learning seder that wins our undivided attention, it will surely bestow amazing results.

Our speech: Thinking in learning generates kedusha והגית בו יומם ולילה יהושע א, ח) ); yet articulating the words increases the effect.

Refinement of speech, in general, not only reflects one's inner purity, but also helps bring it about (, פלא יועץ, דיבור .(ד״ה ולעולם