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The story of the fake gevir.

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

User Comments:

I installed a very good filter on all my devices, and even if I call in filter company for any change I added my chavrusa's number they have to call for approval!

What’s the next 9 steps!!!?? I wanna hear!

I will not touch any infiltrated devices

Love this for some reason. His commitment is contagious

I'm gonna be more focused not to look at girls

I've spoken to my parents about my bad habit and feel a lot better. I've made a plan to listen to these sound bites daily in the evening and do my best to get out of it. I've also paid for a therapy because I have tried many times in the past but failed

At least half hour a day of personal prayer/התבודדות and to beg hashem to help me guard my eyes

Rabbi shalom Arush teaches his students to pray half hour a day and beg hashem from the heart

Love it

Wow, so true!