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In honor of this special occasion and the Yom Tov of Shavuos, Rav Majesky shares 10 powerful strategies to battle the great nisyonos of our generation!

If your filter blocks this, you can use this link to google drive.

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To put it into 4 words, (which actually there’s no words to describe how we feel when hearing every single daily boost) “I’m jealous of you”! What a Zchus you have to inspire and motivate 1000’s of yidden daily!! You should be Zoche to all the Brochos that the Torah blesses us with. Amen!

Before Yom tov I would like to thank you from the bottom my heart for helping me threw these times And the rest of klal yisroel may this be a zchus for you and your family. Thank you and good Yom Tov

I want to say thank you!!

Amazing! Big Shkoach on the 1000 doses of chizuk!

Make it a list! Love this one, he's the best.

This morning’s boost is phenomenal. I got the email already but I can’t wait to receive it on WhatsApp so that I can forward it along to my friends.

Amazing stuff!! I have only gotten on this broadcast list recently however it has had a great affect on me so far bh!

Superb. Such clarity.

Hi wanted to say thank you before shavuos for the boost of chizuk almost every day, love sharing the videos with my friends and at times on my status! Wishing you and your family an incredible yom tov and shabbos, thank you again for spreading exceptional insights to myself and klal yisrael 😊

Wow! That was absolutely special and so so helpful. Chock full of awesome advice. In response to your question of which tips I find the most helpful, 1-seeking help 2-making gedarim 3-celebrating the small successes and not letting the falls make me feel bad about myself Thanks again! So special

Wow. Amazingly practical tips. Yasher koach R Yaakov and the rest of the GYE team for saving me from countless aveiros