A Little Light Banishes Lots of Darkness

Rabbi Yisroel Yaakov (Jake) Berman
Rebbe, TABC

An enlightening story from the Steipler - and some tips on using the power of the Chanukah candles.

User Comments:

Wow what a strong chizuk, the steiplers words so elevating, elevates and protects all those that are fighting this battle (every minute)

Wow very inspiring and uplifting!!!

Beautiful and encouraging message !

Pure gold! Simple and straight to the point with an amazing lesson, everyone should make sure to listen to this one! Thank you gye for the constant chizuk!!!

Wow! how clearly he spoke and gave over such an inspiring story from the steipler. Thank you!

Amazing words.

He speaks beautifully!! Thank you so much! It’s all I needed to hear right now!!

Wow amazing

Wow. Very inspiring and powerful. Thank you!